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Fourth Judicial District Court
Division 5L                           

Text Box: Our Commitment to You:
 We Believe in Your ability to Succeed
 We will do all we can to give you the tools necessary to Succeed
 You will be treated with respect 
 You will be given honest feedback
 We will walk on this journey with you, through all the ups and downs. You will have support

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Welcome!  You, if you choose, are about to embark on a journey that will provide all the tools you need to become a sober, substance free, law-abiding citizen.  This journey is not easy, but past experience has proven that it is effective.  To date, 8 out of 10 people have successfully completed this journey.  They have gone from being deep in the drug culture, to repairing relationships and responsibly taking care of themselves and their families.  Drug Court gives you the tools, but the key to success is YOUR COMMITMENT.

Text Box: El Paso Combined Court
Fourth Judicial District
Division 5L
P.O. Box 2980
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Physical Address:
270 South Tejon, Room W150
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

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What is Drug Court?
What is the Cost?
Urinalysis Information

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In order to become part of Drug Court, you will need to enter into a plea agreement with the prosecutor.  Before the prosecutor can offer you the plea agreement, you will need to be screened for the program. Drug Court is for people who are experiencing difficulty remaining substance free.  The program is set up to help people overcome a substance abuse problem.  If you are not in need of treatment, Drug Court is not the appropriate place for you.