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The El Paso County Courthouse is located at

270 S. Tejon

The courthouse is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except for legal holidays.


Parking -- There is a covered parking structure on 255 S. Sahwatch which is located one block West of the courthouse. There is metered parking around the courthouse. Free parking is located two blocks East or West of the courthouse. Finding a parking place is difficult so it is recommended that you allow yourself extra time for this purpose.

Please remember that you must pass through building security. 

Do not bring knives, pepper sprays, weapons or anything similar to the courthouse. 

Please allow time to pass through security in calculating your arrival time.


From Denver, go south on I-25. Take the Bijou Street Exit, turn left, go to Cascade Street. Turn right on Cascade. Proceed three blocks until you reach Vermijo. Turn left on Vermijo. The judicial building is located on Vermijo, between Cascade and Tejon Streets. From Pueblo, go north on I-25. Take the Cimarron Street Exit. Go right on Cimarron until you come to Cascade Street. Turn left on Cascade. Go three blocks and turn right on Vermijo. The judicial building is located on Vermijo between Cascade and Tejon Streets.