Biography of Thomas A. Nelson


  • Graduated from Nevada High School, Nevada, Iowa in 1974.

  • BBA from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa in 1984.

  • JD from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska in 1987.

Legal Work History:

  • Admitted to the Colorado Bar in October of 1987.

  • In private practice with The Murphy Law Firm from October of 1987 through February of 1996.

  • Sole practice since March 1, 1996.

Areas of Practice:

  • Civil Law:

    While at The Murphy Law Firm worked on complex civil cases and cases involving serious damages

    Handled automobile cases, no-fault cases, premises liability negligence cases and most types of civil county court cases

    Qualified as an expert witness regarding civil litigation in the District Court of El Paso County


  • Domestic/Juvenile Law:  Handled all types of domestic relations and juvenile cases

  • Probate/Trusts Law:  Handled most types of probate matters

  • Criminal/Traffic Law:  Handled most types of criminal/traffic matters

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution:

    Appointed the neutral arbiter in approximately fifteen no-fault cases


    Appointed the neutral arbiter in approximately twenty-five uninsured/underinsured arbitrations


    A party appointed arbiter approximately thirty times


    Arbitrated a law firm partnership dissolution


    Use private mediators/arbiters in my practice on a regular basis in both civil and domestic cases


    Completed a 40-hour training program in the theory and practice of conflict management with CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado


    A contract provider of ADR with the Office of Dispute Resolution in the Fourth Judicial District since January of 1998


    Currently handle 8-12 mediations, arbitrations, settlement conferences per month

    Former Chair of El Paso County Bar Association ADR Committee


    Appointed as Discovery Master in civil cases

State of Colorado
4th Judicial District
Office of Dispute Resolution
Located in the El Paso County Judicial Building
270 S. Tejon, Suite B23
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-452-5005
FAX: 719-452-5046

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