Page updated Dec. 2, 2003

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Adoption - Child (kinship) (custodial) (step-parent) $25.00  


Adoption - Adult $ 8.00   Modification of Parental Responsibility $ 15.00
Annulment/Invalidity of Marriage $12.00   Stipulated Motion to Modify Parental Responsibility $ 8.00
Allocation of Parental Responsibility (Custody) $25.00   Modification of Child Support $ 15.00
Dissolution of Marriage (with children) $25.00   Contempt of Court (for Domestic cases) $ 4.00
Dissolution of Marriage (without children) $25.00 Intervenor to an existing case (Grandparent visitation)  $ 10.00
Paternity $25.00 Name Change (Adult)

With Fingerprint Cards

$ 6.00


$ 7.00

Small Claims

NOTE:  Although the Small Claims Packet is free, you will need to send the Self-Help Center a self-addressed #10 envelope (9" x 4 1/8") with 77 postage in order for us to return the packet to you.

FREE Name Change (Children)

With Fingerprint Cards

$ 9.00


$ 10.00

FED Packet $10.00 Money Demand $ 7.00
    Wage Income Assignment packet   $ 6.00

Packets and individual forms can be purchased by mail or over the phone. When ordering by mail please include a check or money order made out to El Paso County Combined Court. All orders should be sent to the Clerk of Court, Attn.: Self Help Center, P.O. Box 2980, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. When ordering by phone please have a Master Card, Visa, or Discover Credit Card handy. The number to call is (719) 448-7710  Or, email your request and credit card number to:  Self Help E-mail